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Moving to Portugal Can Be Overwhelming.

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Bundled support

Realize savings with our comprehensive support packages

Concierge relocation support

Pay 50% upfront, and 50% within 30 days of your arrival in-country


50% upfront payment

Portugal Concierge Relocation Support

Our top-tier program provides true end-to-end service. We take care of everything for you and we are on call to make your move a success. Save time, money, and stress in your international move. 


Price: $3,800 (one visa applicant)

*Add dependent visa application support for $275

*Add NIFs for $175 per applicant

*Add opening a Portuguese bank account for $350

*If a dependent requires a separate visa application, add application support for $650

Costa Rica Digital Nomad Visa Application support.

Portugal Digital Nomad Support Bundle

Skip the bureaucracy and the hassle. Hit the ground running and start enjoying the Portuguese Digital Nomad lifestyle from day one. Save 15% by bundling services.


If dependent requires separate Digital Nomad application, add additional application support for $275.00


*Price does not include visa government application fees


Visa Support Plus

Save 15% with these bundles that are great for D7 and Digital Nomad visa applicants that would like additional support


Add dependent applications for $275.00


*Price does not include visa government application fees


How It Works

Have a free consultation

Talk to our country experts to focus on the right towns and neighborhoods to explore.

Book your service

StartAbroad offers standalone and bundled services. Use your discount code at checkout!


Have kick-off call

Sign up for an in-depth kick-off call. StartAbroad will onboard your into our service model and ask detailed questions before initiating services

Regular touchpoints

Biweekly or weekly updates via email. Give our dedicated client line a call at any time with questions.


A la carte support

Get exactly the support you need with our a la carte support

Housing Rental Search

Always know where you’ll be sleeping with our Housing Rental support. 


*Add applications for dependents for $275.00 each


*Add NIFs for $175 per applicant


*Add opening a Portuguese bank account for $350


D7 / Digital Nomad Visa Application Support

Looking for guidance navigating the D7 or D8 visa immigration process? We’ve got you covered.


Pet Relocation

Bring your furry best friend on your new adventure.


Day-of-Arrival Support

Don’t worry about a thing on the day of your arrival. We will make the first day of your new life as smooth as possible.


Exploratory Trip Planning

Take the right kind of trip to learn what life would be like in a new country. 


Have a coaching call with an international relocation specialist

30 minutes – $50.00

60 minutes – $80.00

Coaching Calls

Speak with an expert for 30 or 60 minutes on any topic related to your move to Portugal.


Not sure what type of support you need?

Speak with an international relocation specialist for free

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. While StartAbroad’s services are designed to be your one-stop-shop, if you would like to speak with a shipping specialist, medical provider, or accountant please send us an email at [email protected], and we can put you in touch with a vetted service

Yes. Clients realize savings when they book two or more services via our bundled approach. While we do have standard bundles — including our Concierge Relocation Support and Digital Nomad Bundle — which meet many of our clients’ needs, if those bundles do not cover the type of support you are looking for, we will work with you to create a bundle of support services tailored specifically to you. 

Yes. We offer free 15-minute consultation calls. If you would like to spend more time on a call with an international relocation specialist, we offer coaching calls for 30 or 60 minutes.

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