Costa Rica Concierge Relocation Support

Every aspect of the relocation process. We've got you covered.

This service includes:

Price: $4,950.00 (one visa applicant)

*Includes visa application for one Inversionista, Pensionado, or Rentista applicant. Add additional adult applicants for $1450.00, or children for $905.00.


Concierge relocation support

Pay 50% upfront, and 50% within 30 days of your arrival in-country

50% upfront payment

*Costs do not cover costs incurred during the provision of service, including: sim card, phone data, car rental, etc.


How It Works

Every relocation is different. Here is an example of what the Concierge Relocation Package experience might look like


  • Bi-weekly calls with a dedicated relocation specialist
  • Understand your options
  • Plan an Exploratory Trip (optional)


  • Create a tailored action plan
  • Create a budget
  • Start the immigration process
  • Start the real estate and/or rental search process
  • Find a great school (optional)
  • Start the car search process


  • Select the best shipping option
  • Make plans to bring your pet
  • Purchase health insurance
  • Create a plan to handle expat and local taxes
  • Select phone, mailing, and banking solutions
  • Find a rental


  • Get picked up from the airport
  • Help setting up your local sim
  • Receive a tour of your new home
  • Have hands-on support purchasing a car
  • Access to specialists via on-demand Concierge Client Line

Settling In

  • Have support plugging into your new community
  • On-call support for 30 days after your arrival in country

Is Concierge Relocation support right for you?

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Many clients only need some of the components of our Concierge Package, but still want the premium-level service that concierge clients receive. We are happy to customize a bundle at a reduced price so that you get exactly what you need, and nothing you don’t. Schedule a no-cost 15 minute consultation call, or reach out to us at [email protected] to receive a customized offer.

Ideally 3-6 months before your move so that we have enough lead time to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. However, our Concierge Package is valuable for clients even a year or more out from a move. In those cases, bi-weekly calls will be used for Discovery and Planning so that you have a partner and guide help you make decisions and understand all of your options. If you are moving sooner than 3 months, you will still find the Concierge Package valuable as so much of the stressful work of the move will be taken off of your plate.

Yes! The period immediately after you arrive in-country is one of the most stressful parts of the relocation process. After we’ve picked you up from the airport, and gotten your phone and utilities set up, we’ll show you around your new town and make recommendations on how to plug into local and expat communities that align with your interests. We will also be on-call for 30 days after your arrival to answer any questions that come up as you settle in.

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