Costa Rica Digital Nomad Visa Support

Skip the bureaucracy and paperwork. We set up your residency so you can focus on enjoying the pura vida lifestyle.

This service includes:

*Main applicant application is $750.00


*Add dependent applications for $315.00 each


*Add Certified Income Statement for $175.00 


*Price does not include visa government application fees


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An Important Note: Bank Affidavit or Certified Income Statement

To satisfy the Financial Solvency component of the Digital Nomad Visa application, Step 3 of the application must include both the applicant’s bank statements for the 12-month period before the application is submitted, AND either an apostilled affidavit from the bank OR a Certified Income statement from an accredited Costa Rican accountant.

StartAbroad can procure a Certified Income Statement from an accredited Costa Rican accountant for applicants.

How It Works

Book online and receive client folder

You will receive a dedicated client folder which will store all relevant information throughout the process

1-2 hours

Upload/procure relevant documents

Upload all relevant documents + information so that StartAbroad can start your application process

1-2 business days

Creation of your online account

StartAbroad will create your online portal with the government’s Tramite Ya! portal. You can track all steps of the process.

1-2 business days

Procurement of requisite translations

StartAbroad will work with an accredited Costa Rican translator to procure the requiste translations for your application

5 business days

Submission of your Step 2

StartAbroad will put together your Step 2 application and submit it to the government. The government has 15 business days to review.

15 business days

Submission of your Step 3

Once Step 2 is approved, we have 5 business days to submit your Step 3. We will pay government fees on your behalf, and put together your Financial Solvency documents before submitting.

2-10 weeks

Schedule your Step 4 appointment

We schedule your in-person appointment and provide clear instructions on where and how to complete the in-person process.

Within 90 days

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Frequently asked questions

To qualify for the digital nomad visa, you must be able to prove income of at lest $3000 US/month for the past 12 months (single applicant). If you are including any dependents on your application, you must prove at least $4000 US/month. If you are unsure whether or not you qualify, send us an email with your bank statements ([email protected]) and we can let you know.

Once we have all of your documents, it usually takes 6-12 weeks until you receive your Step 3 approval, at which point you should come to Costa Rica for your final in-person appointment. You can also arrive in Costa Rica before your Step 3 approval on a tourist visa.

Yes! You can apply for the Costa Rica digital nomad visa from inside the country, provided you are on a legal tourist visa or other visa. Americans and Canadians can get a 90-day tourist visa upon arrival in Costa Rica.

You will need:

  • a valid passport

  • color passport photos

  • proof of payment of the $100 application fee

  • an application form

  • an entry stamp in your passport if you are already in Costa Rica

  • bank statements for the 12 months prior to submitting your application

  • a certified income statement

  • official translations of any documents that are not already in Spanish

  • apostilled marriage or birth certificates for dependents issued within the last six months

StartAbroad can help procure all relevant documents, including translations and a certified income statement from an accredited Costa Rican accountant.

Main applicants can sponsor a spouse, children under 25, adult children with disabilities, and seniors who live with them. You will need to submit separate applications (including application fees) for each dependent, and procure specific documentation that proves familial connection.

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