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Your guide to the Costa Rica rental market

This service includes:

Optional add-on: Add more showings at any time for $175/additional walkthrough

How It Works

Create your wishlist

Talk to an expert to pick the right town for you, review your budget, and discuss your search parameters

Review your options

Your relocation specialist will send you listings that meet your specifications. Choose up to 3 for walkthroughs.


Rental walk-throughs

We conduct up to 3 remote video walkthroughs or accompanied visits for you. Add more for $175/walkthrough at any time.

Close the deal

We will negotiate your lease, provide translation services if required, and do a full lease review before you sign.

Frequently asked questions

We offer our Costa Rica rental search across the entire country. We work through a network of local real estate contacts to find opportunities anywhere in the country. 

That’s ok! We often work with clients to help them decide where to live in Costa Rica. We will discuss your needs and desired lifestyle in our kickoff call, suggest several towns or neighborhoods that you might like, and share descriptions and videos of each town/neighborhood so you can make an informed decision.

We recommend booking 2-3 months before you would like to sign a lease. This will give us adequate time to discuss location, align on your wants and needs, and review listings before starting our walkthroughs.

The Costa Rica rental market is competitive, particularly in beach towns, and there are not many long-term listings available. We want to search for several weeks to increase the chances a listing will pop up that you love.

We can absolutely conduct a rental search remotely. We offer comprehensive video walkthroughs of properties throughout Costa Rica. We always provide video of the interior of a rental, the exterior and access points of the rental, and the neighborhood. We will also send you notes on the location and proximity to the nearest amenities of interest (e.g. grocery store, school, beach).

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