Portugal D7 / D8 Application Support

Take advantage of the most comprehensive, affordable Portugal visa application support available.

This service includes:

Optional add-ons

  • Add application support for accompanying family members for $275.00
  • Add procurement of NIFs for $175.00 per applicant
  • Add opening a Portuguese bank account for $325.00
  • Add procurement of NISS numbers for $99.00 per applicant

*Price does not include: cost of procuring documents, cost of getting documents apostilled, or government application fees


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Frequently asked questions

In order to qualify for the D7 visa, you will need to demonstrate more than the Portuguese minimum wage as income each month. For 2024, the minimum wage is €820. This income should come from passive sources, like a pension, Social Security, rental income, or an annuity. If you are approaching retirement soon, or if you have significant savings, you may also be able to demonstrate savings that will last you until you are able to draw on a pension.


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To qualify for the digital nomad visa, you must be able to prove income of at least €3280 per month (single applicant). To include an adult dependent, add 50%. To add a child dependent, add 30%.  If you are unsure whether or not you qualify, send us an email with your income information ([email protected]) and we can let you know.

We recommend starting the process at least 4 months before you would like to move to Portugal, and ideally 5-6 months in advance. This allows time to assemble your documents, secure your proof of accommodation in Portugal, and wait for the Portuguese government’s approval. 

No, you will need to apply and attend an in-person appointment in your current country of legal residence.

Yes, main applicants can sponsor a spouse, domestic partner, children under 18, dependent children 18 and older, and dependent parents over 65. 

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