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The Portuguese tax identification number, or Número de Identificaçao Fiscal (NIF for short) is essential to anyone looking to relocate to Portugal. It is required to open a bank account, rent an apartment, purchase property, and to apply for a long stay visa.


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In 4-8 business days you will receive your official PDF from Finanças 

Frequently asked questions

Just a scan of your passport and a proof of address. Your passport scan must be on a white background and clearly show your full passport photo page and full signature page (no fingers in the way!). Your proof of address could be your driver’s license, the first page of a recent bank statement, a recent utility bill, or an official government document.

Probably not. A fiscal representative represents you in front of the Portuguese Tax Authority, and passes along communication from the Tax Authority to non-EU residents. Fiscal representation is required for non-EU residents. If you plan to reside in Portugal or elsewhere in the EU, this should not be necessary.

Yes. To ask for current pricing for fiscal representation, please email our representative.  

Need Your Portuguese Bank Account?

If you are applying for a long-term visa you will need both the NIF and a local, Portuguese bank account. We can help with that too!

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