Portugal Rental Search Support

We’ll find you the perfect spot so that you can rest easy knowing you have a safe, secure home

This service includes:

Disclaimer: StartAbroad will provide recommendations and act on a client’s behalf based on the client’s specifications, however StartAbroad is not responsible, nor will StartAbroad provide refunds, if a client has issues with a rental after a lease is signed


*StartAbroad requires at least 5 weeks advanced notice to perform this service. If a client requires a full rental search in less than 5 weeks, there will be an additional charge of $200

How It Works

Have a free consultation

Talk to an expert to pick the right town for you, review your budget, and discuss your search parameters

Develop a longlist

Your relocation specialist will send you up to 50 listings for your review


Video walk-throughs

We will conduct video walk-throughs of up to three rentals based on your preferences


Close the Deal

We will negotiate your lease, provide translation services as needed, and oversee closing


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