Managing Your Medical Needs When Moving Abroad

Are you looking for help moving abroad? Speak with an international relocation specialist by reaching out to [email protected]. One of the most daunting aspects of relocating abroad is the uncertainty around managing health needs. Many countries have quality healthcare at much more affordable rates than the US. But navigating a foreign, often bureaucratic, healthcare system, […]

How to Find a Doctor in Costa Rica as an American or Canadian Expat

Note: This blog is our personal view on the best service providers for expats. We make no money on referring customers to these services.   One of the things you’ll want to do shortly after arriving in a new country is develop a detailed medical plan that includes: pick the right health insurance for your […]

Can I collect Social Security living abroad?

Costa Rica’s Digital Nomad Visa has become an extremely popular option for remote workers and young families looking to make a change. Here is everything you need to know about applying for the visa.

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