Should You Buy or Should You Rent When Making an International Move

Are you looking for help moving abroad? Speak with an international relocation specialist by reaching out to [email protected]. Demand for international properties in markets like Costa Rica and Panama is skyrocketing. More and more Americans are realizing their dreams of moving permanently, or owning a second home, in the country of their dreams. ¬† Finding […]

How to Choose your Hometown in a New Country: 9 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Settling Down

StartAbroad, an international relocation specialist, offers advice for individuals considering moving abroad, including retirees, digital nomads, and remote business owners. They provide a series of guiding questions concerning climate preferences, proximity to others, required amenities, preferred daily activities, suitable communities, language capabilities, specific needs related to job, health, or kids, and setting priorities among these. StartAbroad also offers free consultation services and a comprehensive package for hassle-free relocation. They also recommend expats to consider lifestyle preferences and necessities when identifying an ideal location abroad.

Minimizing Tax as an Expat: A Practical Guide for U.S. Citizens and Residents offers guidance on minimizing tax burdens for U.S. individuals planning to live abroad. Main strategies include utilizing the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE), which necessitates passing either the Physical Presence Test or the Bona Fide Resident Test. Additionally, there are ways to claim Foreign Housing Exclusions or Deductions, use Foreign Tax Credits, and it’s recommended to seek professional input to maximize savings.

The 8 Questions You Need to Answer Before Moving Abroad

If you’re considering relocating internationally, StartAbroad recommends answering eight critical questions before the move. These questions cover: previous time spent in the destination country, income plans, budgeting realistically, residency or citizenship plans, understanding medical needs, plans for efficient money transfer, strategies for minimizing global tax burden, and securing accommodation for the first week after arrival. StartAbroad offers consultation services to help manage these issues and ensure a smooth relocation process.

The 10 Steps to Successful Real Estate Purchases in Costa Rica

Miranda Abbott Wittman, a successful entrepreneur and real estate professional in Costa Rica, urges those interested in real estate investment in the country to seek expert guidance. Abbott Wittman recommends “Make Costa Rica Home” and “Buy Hotels Costa Rica”, two brands she built with her husband, Joshua. From choosing suitable properties to navigating the local laws and regulations, their service provides valuable support to those looking to make Costa Rica their home or explore investment opportunities.

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