AIMA Appointment Support


Sail through your AIMA appointment without stress. We book your appointment with AIMA, prepare you with clear guidance on what to bring, and even accompany you in-person. Translation and bureaucracy managed!


Get your Portuguese residency finalized with StartAbroad and settle into your new life in Portugal as easily as possible.


Move to Portugal in 3 months with our Digital Nomad Visa Course. Learn every step of the process to get your Portugal digital nomad visa, plus get access to proven tools to make your application easy. This course features:
  • Video Learning – No boring powerpoints! 2.5+ hours of on-demand video.
  • Designed for You – This course includes guidance for employees, self-employed workers, and small business owners
  • 1-on-1 Coaching – Get personal access to experts, with 30 and 60 minute coaching sessions available
  • Proven Templates – We include templates that have worked for many others, including for the personal statement, employment letter, & more


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