AIMA Appointment Support

Preparation and in-person support for your AIMA appointment in Portugal. Become a Portuguese resident with confidence with StartAbroad!

Sail through your AIMA appointment without stress. We book your appointment with AIMA, prepare you with clear guidance on what to bring, and even accompany you in-person. Translation and bureaucracy managed!


Get your Portuguese residency finalized with StartAbroad and settle into your new life in Portugal as easily as possible.

How It Works

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Share your approved visa details and we will look up your existing appointment or book an appointment for you.


Prepare documents

We’ll share an up-to-date list of what to bring to your appointment. Most documents will be copies of what you already provided during your initial visa appointment.

In-person support

An experienced StartAbroad rep will meet you at your appointment location before your assigned time, and will help you navigate the AIMA office smoothly.

Need Your Visa?

Starting at the beginning of the visa process? If you want more comprehensive support for your D7 or Digital Nomad Visa, we can help with that too!

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