Costa Rica Pet Relocation Support


Moving your pet to a new country can be a stressful and scary experience. It doesn’t have to be. Let us help you make the move safely and efficiently.


Bring your furry best friend on your new adventure. Our Pet Relocation Support helps you understand all of the best options for your pet depending on the specifics of your situation — whether it be in-cabin, as cargo, or charter — then manages the process for you. 

Our pet relocation services include:

  • 30-minute kick-off consultation call with a relocation specialist to talk through your pet relocation options
  • Detailed step-by-step checklist guiding you through the process of pet relocation to your chosen country
  • Three 30-minute calls throughout the process with your dedicated relocation specialist to assist you in the process
  • Connection to a certified veterinarian to complete required paperwork
  • Assistance identifying the best airlines & flight routes for your pet (including charter flights if applicable)
  • Guidance through the US/Canadian government endorsement process and customs clearance in your destination country
Optional add-on: manifest cargo booking + customs clearance for manifest cargo pet arrivals (please submit a form to get a custom quote)


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